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Taler is a registered trade mark, owned by Aldigus, JSC.

We are wheat flour chips and biscuits manufacturer for over two decades now.


There are 3 possible ways to start business with us:

1. order available assortment with our packaging design (always on stock);

2. order available assortment with individual packaging design;

3. order individual recipe of chips and/or biscuits with individual packaging design.



Available assortment

Important facts about our production

Natural ingredients only

In our production only raw materials of natural origin are used. This means that our products do not contain concentrates, flavor enhancers, flavors of chemical origin, colorants, etc.

Genetically modified ingredients

We carefully select suppliers of Taler chips ingredients and check whether components have no genetically modified additives. Therefore, in our production we do not use any genetically modified ingredient.

No preservatives

Our Taler chips are made without preservatives, so our products are friendly to your body and the environment.

Suitable for children

Taler snacks are also suitable for children, because our careful quality control and thorough selection of ingredients make it possible to make delicious, delicious and healthy product.